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In Musings! on March 30, 2009 at 9:32 pm

Random memories.. taking a shape.. giving it a new meaning. Isn’t that what dream is supposed to be all about.

But how can I dream about something which never happened to me, never imagined and definitely not a figment of my imagination..  yet it is like a complete event – with characters, colors, smell!! How can my dreams be so complete and vivid? ..almost like watching a complete movie.. sometimes continued over multiple sleeps!!

And what is more eluding is my husband’s complete lack of such an experience. His dreams fade off in his sleep.. and he can not remember anything about them! And here I am.. who goes on and on..  for atleast 15mins each morning about all that I have dreamt of.. and how it was the same place that I dreamt some days earlier.. and about people whom I met probably years ago!! Quite puzzling!

Added to the puzzle is that there is so little knowledge and explanation about this. I had been searching the internet for awhile for information, but every explanation seems to be a “hypothesis”! I will put up anything that I might find.. but till then I guess I can just be perplexed about my dreams and wonder if that dream-catcher (a present from my husband) would be able to pause this myriad of dreams..